REVIEW: Critics Need to Charge Their Power Rings and Give Green Lantern a Shot

Does anyone else realize comic book adaptations are usually getting unenthusiastic feedback and not-so-hot box office stats? Except the recent Batman releases, but hey – with the cast that is rumored now, I don’t think the praise will continue.

Nobody expected Green Lantern to be a critical darling, that was obvious, but for it to get so much negative feedback? That was outright ridiculous.

I went to check out Green Lantern this weekend. Besides the fact that I got put in a bad mood instantly because movie theaters are just hectic places that never have enough people working at the concession stands, the whole experience was – and I quote – NOT BAD AT ALL.

This movie picked up VERY slowly. It was full of background information on Hal, but not enough about the actual Green Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner was never introduced, Parallax was totally rushed into there and Hal never went cuckoo under the influence of Parallax – just defeated him. Wait a second, THE MOVIE DIDN’T FOLLOW THE COMIC BOOKS WORD FOR WORD? The answer is no, and I wouldn’t expect it to.

The thing about superhero films is they never follow the comics. Watchmen crashed and burned with terrible reviews because they changed the storyline. Nobody cared to look at the amazing effects and how the storyline was changed perfectly to fit the timing of a film. Never compare the movie and the comic book. It never ends well.

Apparently the acting was poor and the effects were well, like totally not that impressive ‘cause there are tons of CGI movies out there and stuff and we’ve all seen that before. I think the acting was fine, no there was no sinister yet marvelous acting skills brought to the table like in The Dark Knight, but I think it was on the same level of acting found in superhero films such as Spiderman, Ironman, and the X-Men. Sure pick up any comic book and you are going to find a person, either born with powers or getting powers, having to deal with adjusting with being a superhero and saving their world eventually. They all follow the same storyline basically, but open up your minds people. They are here to entertain, no need to be so critical all the time.

Basically the bad reviews were bound to come because let’s face it; the opinion of the movie was set way before the movie came out. Everyone expected it to not amaze them, and guess what? It didn’t. That opinion was pushed until before you knew it most critics were saying the same thing. Also a critical factor was that superheroes have become a trend now. This year has been booming with theatres action-packed with superheroes and people are getting a bit tired of it. (Not me!) But should you quit your job and get a memory wipe MIKE RYAN? Heck no.

I’m sure the folks at DC and Warner were hoping for more success and are questioning whether they should go on with the sequels. They probably thought the viewers would see it as a fun summer blockbuster not try and compare it to some “fantastic” sci-fi film that’s Oscar worthy probably like Avatar. (Not in my opinion.) But instead the critics and viewers ate it alive not giving it a shot from the start.

Let’s talk about the box office. Green Lantern brought $57.2 million this weekend. Sure other superhero movies beat that on their opening weekends but with all the negativity that infested Green Lantern even before the premiere, it definitely didn’t flop.

The movie should be appreciated. It succeeds in its own merits, with awesome special effects and an entertaining story line. May have been a bit slow to start, but it overall was a good watch. Reynolds was humorous and cute at the whole – new to being a super important superhero thing. Sure, a lot of things may have been done before – and it might have helped to try and show the unfamiliar viewers how the Green Lantern superheroes distinguish themselves from the whole world of comic books, but would I watch it again? Yes. Would I pay to watch it again, I actually would – I would even buy the DVD.

In brightest day, in darkest night,

No evil critic shall change my sight

Let those who worship the critic’s might,

Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!