Why the “Scanners” TV Series is a Good Idea

So the news is that David Cronenberg‘s eerie 1981 sci-fi horror work of genius Scanners is going into development for the small screen. Scanners is definitely one of the best of the lot of horror bloodfests, giving us a unforgettably foul look at the lives of outsiders with telepathic and telekinetic abilities who were the victims of government experiments. The Weinstein Corporation‘s Dimension Films is developing an adaptation of the movie with writer-director Alexandre Aja to produce the drama series, and maybe even direct the pilot.

Why it is a good idea?

1. TV shows have to stretch out plot lines to make them engaging and surprise the viewers to get them curious about what happens next. The TV show is going to be a challenge to fans of Scanners because we’ll already know what’s going to happen. It is going to be exciting to watch the adaptation and it should be great to see what they do with it!

2. A change from the ever-so-popular Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, and Alien themes. I love them, don’t get me wrong but there sure is a lot out there now. It’s time to change it up and focus on some people with advanced telekinetic and telepathic abilities and the ominous corporation out to get them. Plus we all know we want to see another scanner duel!

3. Dimension originally wanted to make remake and let’s face it, remakes suck. Basing a TV series off the concept is a better idea. Plus, Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone was quite a success in the 2000s.

4. Explosions that last longer than your feature film. Let’s face it; we want to see heads blown up, exploding limbs, and blasted guts. A TV series will meet our needs for a longer period of time, plus special effects are so much cooler nowadays.

Although since Cronenberg’s name is nowhere to be found in this project, it could also end up being a terrible, terrible failure and suck on so many levels – let’s avoid that please.