Action Comics #1

Following DC Comics’ freshly released “New 52” issues, is the newly renumbered first issue of Action Comics. I am a huge fan of Grant Morrison’s work and I was excited to see what he would bring to the archetypal superhero and the new start of the series.

We are transported back to the start with a very Golden Age tone throughout this story. Superman has reverted back to his old approach of vigilantism and is tackling real life problems like business crooks, basic street crime, and bringing the citizen muscle to battle corrupt politics – all whilst wearing a pair of jeans. (They must be stretch.)

The issue starts off with Superman getting hold of a wealthy law-breaker and joking with the police about putting him down, after he confesses. Superman has been in the eye of the Metropolis for three months now with Luthor as well as Lois’ father out to get him. From police chases, to rescuing civilians and stopping a moving train (to surprisingly save Lois’ life) this issue is action packed with a true glimpse of the original Action Comics #1’s Superman.

To those that might not like another Action Comics #1 issue existing, get over it. This is a great renewal of the 1930’s version of the little less law abiding Superman we knew. Maybe he’s got a very Springsteen style, with his blue jeans, red cape, and blue t-shirt, but Morrison has successfully returned the Man of Steel back to his roots.