Birds of Prey #1

September 21st calls for another 12 new releases as a part of DC Comic’s The New 52 Relaunch. First up, Birds of Prey. Yay! for a comic book dedicated to a massive group of vigilante superheroines. Props to Duane Swierczynski and Jesus Saiz!

Looking at the cover art I was a little confused, seemed like a bunch of new characters. But the blonde woman is Black Canary – with a brand new costume, the inked brunette is a new character named “Starling”, the ninja lady is Katana, and the red-head, who you would expect to be Barbara Gordon, is actually Poison Ivy. Within the story we are introduced to Black Canary and Starling, Barbara Gordon which won’t take a part in their “team”, and a brief look at Katana. They are trying to protect this Mr. Keen, which has been following them for the last 2 weeks.

What I really liked is how they used a position that a character was in, replicated it, and took the reader back in time to another scene where the character is in the same pose. Crafty. What I didn’t like so much, is the story line. It didn’t grab me. I think I’ll pass on the next issues of Birds of Prey.