Detective Comics #1

Starting off with yet another one of DC Comics’ newly numbered releases, Detective Comics #1 is a great classic cat-and-mouse Batman vs. Joker story. This debut issue brought to us by Tony S. Daniel and Ryan Winn is a brilliant restart to the title.

The issue did a great job of introducing various essential characters and their personalities, signature Batman paraphernalia, various supervillains and the Arkham Asylum, and the crucial relationship between Batman and Commissioner Gordon. With a bat-story-line that is as straightforward as it gets, we know that Batman owns the night.

We get a very Frank Miller vibe from the Batman character as he chases the psychotic Joker throughout the streets of Gotham and has the occasional conflict with the police. They spend more time trying to chase down Batman than actually trying to apprehend the lunatic (for some reason undressed) Joker. A point that deserves a round of applause for consistency is the look we get into Batman’s train of thought as he tries to capture the Joker, one of my favorite elements to read in these classic Dark Knight vs. Joker tales.

A fantastic start to the Detective Comics title and a must read issue from the New 52 Relaunch. An intriguing well written story with eye-catching artwork that concludes with a very shocking twist leaving readers yearning for more.