Wonder Woman #1

With such high expectations for the new release, chiefly because I’m an avid fan of Brian Azzarello and well, it is Wonder Woman, I was predetermined this issue wouldn’t live up to my expectations. But the believer I am put on a “trooper” face and got to reading it.

Looking at the cover art, I realized Wonder Woman’s recent image reinvention – the whole controversy with the new addition of pants – had been tweaked, yet again.

She must have been sprayed with “Pants Be Gone” Spray because the pants vanished. First impression of the issue was: Eh, could have done better with the art. Final impression after reading the issue was: Ok I get it, back to the roots, fantastic!

So Wonder Woman #1 commences back in the days when mythology was actually a part of the Wonder Woman story, and not something followers just knew about. The best thing about these relaunches for me is getting back to the roots of each of the characters again. Not that the new releases aren’t good, they are, but sometimes the chance to check out the classics again wins me over. A nice thing about this issue is that it doesn’t mess with introductions of who is who, instead it jumps straight into the action. Although saying that, it might be problematic for readers who aren’t familiar.

This issue lets the reader travel back with Diana to her Amazonian heritage and stirs up a nice medley with Greek mythology. Not much is said about Diana herself, it is more an introduction to the plot of the entire story. It concocts a perplexing mystery revolving around the gods, and the Amazon Princess herself is going head-first to do some ass-kicking, all to protect Zola. Surprisingly, the issue doesn’t make you feel like you are reading and old mythology – it has a modern twist, which works. The warrior storyline is impressive and most importantly intriguing; hence I will have to check out the upcoming issues.