I’d Wear Google’s AR Glasses

Sure, I won’t be even close to being as cool as The Terminator,  but hell I’d wear them.

Forget reaching into your pocket to take out your smartphone every time you need to check if you made the right turn, or if there are any good restaurants around. Google is going to make it possible for you to see this information, in real-time — with your own eyes and glasses of course.

Here are some reasons you should consider.

Horrible with Names: It’s one thing to be horrible with names and another thing to be horrible with names and worry about it. Picture this, you are at a party. Sure you have seen these people before, but what are their names? I think I have that guy in one of my circles… Oh and that girl commented on my post a couple days ago. Try coming up with their name, and all you get is a nice blank spot. Now you’re going to panic! Okay I guess I’ll just avoid them all night. Oh no, he’s coming over here. “Hey, John how are you doing?”

… Crap.

Think of how handy these guys would be!

Cold Weather + Smart Phones: I have no problem with taking the time to pull out my smart phone and use it to look something up. But when it is freezing outside and my fingers are frozen and I am ALREADY wearing gloves, it is a pain to pull it out. These would help me to navigate around with my hands all comfy-cozy in my pockets.

Navigation: I looked up directions, I planned my journey, and yet… I still need to check that address with my phone. Take it out, ask a person walking by, look down at my phone, point various directions, look back at the phone, try to comprehend what the person is saying, say thanks and leave. These glasses would make navigation really easy and help socially-inept people out… a lot.

Can you think of any more reasons?

You can pick up yours by the end of the year.