New York Comic Con’s Just Around the Corner!

I can’t believe NYCC is almost here! Next month I’ll be in geek heaven. I already have my 4-day pass purchased and my cosplay planned out.

What will I be you ask? I’ve recently started watching Naruto and well… I can’t stop watching!!! But since there is a lack of female ninjas that I relate to, this year I’ll be a generic, hot, kick-ass member of the Anbu Black Ops. What’s even better is I’ll be going in costume with my sidekick and best cousin ever as TWO super hot Anbus! We just have to convince our friend Matthew to go as Kakashi Hatake. Hehe…

left | right

And if I have time, I’ll have to finish up my Psylocke cosplay so I can go has her for a day. *Crosses fingers*

Check out my photos from last year’s NYCC & NYAF here.