Batman Post-its

For an advertising class last semester our group came up with this concept campaign to make Batman character post-its, inspired off of a tutorial we had seen. I may be biased, but ours came out way better.

I created the illustrations for all characters, as well as the packaging mock-ups. With help from Jeremy we animated the characters in After Effects, making one kick-ass 30 second spot! For the record, I’d totally buy these post-its. Take a look at the spot above and let me know what you think in the comments.


  • Joshua Staten

    Damnit I had alwasy thought there were actully available this whole time. I woudl have bought a bunch of these for my desk at work. Damn you DC for not doing this yourselves!

    • geekolite

      Thank you! I wish they were available, too! If DC gave me the rights I’d totally want to make this happen!