REVIEW: Batman The Court of Owls

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to make a post dedicated to the first eleven issues of DC Comics’ New 52 Batman releases, also called “The Court of Owls.” I just re-read this storyline last night digitally although I do prefer my hardcovers and got mind blown yet again! So let me start a new organizational scheme here, I’ll begin by rating the entire storyline and telling you if you should go out and read it. Then, I’ll be breaking it down for you and rating each issue, links up soon!

Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jonathan Glapion did an awesome (which really is an understatement) job with this storyline. Not only was I pulling myself up out of my chair to pay attention, I found myself saying “holy crap” at the end of each issue, eager to read the next one. The story which opens up the entire setting for the New 52 Batman storyline starts off interestingly defining Gotham City. What is Gotham? The Joker? The Gotham Police? Commissioner Gordon? Batman? To our surprise as well as Bruce’s, Batman doesn’t seem to know Gotham City as well as he thought he had. We get teased with the possibility of this hidden myth that lies beneath Gotham’s foundation. What is this Court of Owls? And is it possible that the bat which lurks in every shadow of Gotham doesn’t know of them? Intriguing. Creepy. Dark. Insane. This is a must read storyline for any Batman fan out there. Gotham is… back and it is KICK-ASS.

Issues Included:

  • Batman No.1: Knife Trick
  • Batman No.2: Trust Fall
  • Batman No.3: The Thirteenth Hour
  • Batman No.4: Face the Court, Part One
  • Batman No.5: Face the Court, Part Two
  • Batman No.6: Beneath the Glass
  • Batman No.7: The Talons Strike
  • Batman No.8: Attack on Wayne Manor; The Call
  • Batman No.9: The Night of the Owls; The Fall of the House of Wayne
  • Batman No.10: Assault on the Court; The Fall of the House of Wayne
  • Batman No.11: My Brother’s Keeper; The Fall of the House of Wayne

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