Batman #1″Knife Trick”


I can’t seem to give enough credit to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for their amazing work on this storyline and artwork. Seriously, amazeballs.

So this issue starts by delivering the World’s Greatest Detective that we all know, while also being able to set the stage for the new beginning of the New 52 series. They really took into account the possibility of new readers joining in, but also didn’t forget about the old farts, yeah I said it.

The story starts up as we questing what is Gotham City, cleverly bringing in some familiar faces as we try to define it. Is it Batman? Well whatever Gotham City is, the Bat has found himself taking Gotham City into his own hands trying to reshape the city whilst being the wealthy Bruce Wayne by day, and by night,  hunting down the weak link in Arkham Asylum. We meet Batman’s inner circle, with no surprise including Commissioner Gordon, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, etc. As more of the story line goes on Batman, who is no stranger to the criminal mind frame is trying to solve a case, who threatens Bruce Wayne at the crime scene of another victim. The tables take a turn for Batman when he realizes that he doesn’t really know Gotham, but it sure it knows him.

After reading the issue, I was left with two basic opinions. First, you get an owl teaser, leaving you with unanswered questions but then.. holy shit DICK GRAYSON! What is going on? And two, GIMMIE THE NEXT ISSUE NOW PLEASE. Must read. If this doesn’t get you interested in reading the series, then something is wrong with you.

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