Batman #2 “Trust Fall”

Its a bird, it’s a plane, it’s the Batman, well Bruce falling off of Gotham Tower. Oh no! The issue starts off as we see Bruce falling, but what happened? The investigation continues on the tricky knife murder of the last issue and more clues about the “owl” symbol are popping up. Dick gets his name cleared, and we get to see some awesome technology. I mean seriously, Batman has the coolest gadgets. A photogrammetric scanner? Of course he’d have it, in the morgue. Bruce then meets up with Lincoln March, the guy running for mayor. He warns Bruce that something evil, ancient, and powerful has come to Gotham and in no time, the assassin who is meant to kill Bruce, as the fiery message had said in the last issue, comes wearing nothing other than an owl suit. “The Court of Owls has sentenced you to die.” But Batman knows that there is no Court of Owls, or does he? Gotham is his city. But does he really know Gotham as well as he thought he did?

I especially love the way they combined the history of Gotham into their story lines, i.e. with the Gotham Tower architecture. The artwork was amazing, especially with the lighting in the tower scene. Scott and Greg were somehow able to make the second issue even more badass than the first issue. Bravo! Intriguing? Yes. Mysterious? Yes. All the things you’d expect from Bats? Of course, and more!

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  • What a fabulous review! Love that pic too.