REVIEW: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

What happens when the characters you love and know so well no longer behave the way you’d expect them to? What happens when their morals are challenged and they respond to them differently? In this reverse universe, many of the superheroes we learned to love and respect are behaving very differently. The strong are weak, the dark are almost evil, the caring are cruel. But how do we get back to normal and why have things changed? In this desperately brutal world with all hope almost gone, what can one do?

If you have read the Flashpoint story arc, you know what’s up. We know Geoff Johns’ original story was brilliant and that actually doesn’t make this animated film any less exciting. The way he created Barry, who is usually looked at as a bright and silly jokester, and gave him a little more angst, really made him a much rounder character all together. Then again, I like my characters a little dark.

The action in this film was brutal, yet so energizing to watch. I was on my toes loving every minute of it. From Aquaman’s battling forces to Wonder Woman’s guiltless killings, the action never seemed to end, and you never wanted it to.

The animation was definitely leaning towards a very anime style, which actually worked. I enjoyed it very much. Scenes of Barry Allen and his mother were wonderfully reminiscent of the anime style that is sometimes lost in the western world. The Flash as the protagonist really tells a good lesson, that you can’t always change what you want to change, but you can learn to accept it, and change the things you can change.

My favorite quote? “So what makes you think your space boy survived? He’s a tough cookie.”

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