Boston Comic Con: Day 1

So the unthinkable happened.

I packed the wrong lens. Which means, day one equals no photos. I suck and I’m sorry.

The line for ticket holders wrapped around the entire Seaport World Trade Center. Why? No idea. It took over an hour just to get into the convention. Those who bought tickets? The line was shorter and faster. Just a tip.

Also, as anyone who has ever been to a convention knows, the food sucks. It is overpriced and usually just junk. Therefore we had the fantastic idea to head out to the neighboring 7-Eleven to pick up some snacks before the DC Comics panel started. Interestingly enough, there was one woman at the register checking out the crammed 80+ Comic-Con-goers, who also thought it would be a good idea to grab something there, one by one. Long story short, I was 4 minutes late to the panel and the doors were shut. Epic fail.

But nonetheless, minus the unfortunate events caused mainly by me, what I saw from walking around and what the friendly attendees and I chatted about, Boston Comic Con was a hit! Tomorrow is a new day and I cannot wait for Scott Snyder’s Bat-panel. Lesson learned? Yes, no 7-Eleven and come EARLY.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking photos with my iPad! So see you there and let’s meet!

  • Brittany Davis

    I was in line for an hour and forty minutes. (FYI though, the people who bought tickets had to wait in their line and THEN our line) I also missed the DC panel, though only panel I went to was Fables

    • geekolite

      I’m sorry you had to go through that too. It seems as though it wasn’t the same for everyone! My friend bought her ticket in line and had to wait for me as I inched my way around the center for another 45 minutes! Hope the Fables panel was awesome!

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