Boston: In Photos

So last weekend was my first weekend ever visiting Boston! I came mainly for Boston Comic Con, but I also always wanted to see the city, so double win. I rented a lovely apartment off of Airbnb for the weekend, which was perfectly located in the cutest little streets of the North End. Bricks, pasta, pastries, coffee and bakery scented streets. Perfect? I think so. Mainly we just ate delicious seafood and drank a lot of beer, but when we weren’t, we did see some of the touristy stuff. My favorite? Downtown Boston. Hungry? Pop into Quincy Market. Want to shop? So many stores and peddler carts galore! It’s so freaking gorgeous when the sun sets, the live performers sing tunes on the cobblestone paths, and the lights on the trees sparkle!

There was so much to see, and not enough time! So I’m heading up to Boston this weekend again! Planning to do a little kayaking. Anyone know where else I should go?

Anyways, take a look at some of that I took with my lovely friends Ryoko and Ubab!

  • Love your pics! For a moment I felt like I was there.