Scott Snyder’s Bat-Panel

So Scott Snyder hosted a panel at Boston Comic Con dedicated to the best superhero of all time, Batman. Argue all you want, Batman wins.

I was lucky enough to bump into Scott Snyder at the entrance of the con, and asked for a photo which he so nicely stopped to take. He was in rush, about to go to the panel, and said that he couldn’t stick around so I should go see him at the Bat-Panel. Of course I was going to go, I replied! So he was on his way, and I was too excited and in shock of what just had happened, so I cursed and ran off like a little girl.

I went to wait in line for the panel, a good ten people in front of me. I was excited. I was early, it looked like I could get a good seat. I would get to hear Snyder’s amazing storytelling mind in a few minutes. WIN. Then, I noticed everyone holding a red ticket. Apparently, you had to have gotten a red ticket to attend , which had been given out at his table earlier that day. Yeah I had no idea either. Loooongggg story short, after running around like a crazy person, checking Twitter, looking online, asking every member of staff I could, with no luck might I add, I could not get a ticket. So I stood in line anyway. I got to the door, and after being told I couldn’t get in, and having the doors shut in my face, I almost gave up. But this panel meant something to me, it was what I came to Boston Comic Con for. As you know I missed the DC Panel the day before, and well, as everything that could have went wrong did – camera lens epic fail – I still looked forward to this panel. But I could not get in.

So I stood there, right by the door. Waited. Hoping they would let me in. All of a sudden a lovely lady walks by with a roll of red tickets. I jumped up asked her for tickets to the panel. And she said of course! She gave them to me and said the panel would be great and Scott Snyder is the sweetest. Well she’s the sweetest. I got in, I sat down. And I have never felt so lucky. I want to thank her, but I don’t know her name.

So the moral here is, if you want to get something done, take action, ask, run around, annoy the crap out of people, do whatever, because usually the shit you want happens. Not only did I get to meet Scott, but I was able to listen to some great things about what’s coming up on Batman.

So speaking of the panel, I would write it out, but I don’t want spoilers to spread like wildfire. So here is the audio from 40 minutes of the glorious panel. Listen to it. Get all happy, laugh, cry, whatever. It was an inspiring talk given by one of the best writers to come to Batman. Thank you Scott Snyder and the lovely lady who gave me a ticket!

Also, after hunting down the only guys who had a camera at the panel, I found it! 15 minutes of  video from the guys over at Real Books Don’t Have Batman, check it out: