Ready, Set, Action Burger!

A few weeks ago I had the lovely privilege to help a wonderful friend in need of a model [check out Olise Forel and Moving Silence here] for Action Burger’s commercial! My first shoot ever!

Haven’t heard of Action Burger? Well, it is a comic book / scifi themed burger joint in Brooklyn that serves up a mean burger and shake! Try the veggie, it’s to die for. Plus, it’s what the heroes eat! I was in comic fan girl heaven over there! Seriously, though.

I had the pleasure to meet the awesome Vlane Carter, owner of Action Burger and the author and art director of the BIO-Sapien and BIAlien series. So much fun to dress up as Bellona from the series!

The commercial will be ready for a New York Comic Con release and more photos of the costume to come! Make sure to stop by booth no. 1256 at NYCC to see it!