GOTHAM: What’s down there?

THANK YOU FOX! They have just released a teaser TV spot of Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth — played by David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee — about to explore the mysterious underground layer they found. Although it was recently said that it is NOT the Batcave (obviously) it WILL impact the show and Bruce significantly! View the video to see all the goods.

If you haven’t been watching Gotham, I couldn’t stress it more to check it out! Although it is not sticking to a specific storyline, it has it’s own creative flow which is very entertaining. Don’t take it for it’s authenticity take it for it’s entertainment value! Plus casting is bomb dot com!

“Gotham” tells the origin story of some of the greatest DC Comics super villains following a young Jim Gordon’s rise in the GCPD to weed out the bad guys of Gotham.