L.A. Comic Book Shops

So I recently moved to Los Angeles and it has taken some time to settle in. New York City was so easy! Who would have thought. You can walk everywhere, food delivery was under 20 minutes. It was the life!

I’m starting to love it here AND  I’m happy to say I’ve finally set up my office space. Phew!

But, I have noticed I haven’t had the time to physically purchase a comic in… well a long time. All my comics are digital now– it’s insane!

So what I need is some help! Los Angeles / So-Cal people where are the best places to get comics? I need suggestions!

So far these are the shops I’ve been looking up. Which ones rock? Which ones suck? Anything I’ve missed?

  • Meltdown Comics and Collectables
  • Golden Apple Comics
  • Secret Headquarters
  • DreamWorld Comics
  • Melrose Music and Comics
  • Comics VS Toys
  • Cool Cats Comics and Cards
  • Cartoon Mania