Batman #19 “Nowhere Man”

So there’s a new villain in Gotham, but this time it is Bruce Wayne? AND he’s using a gun? Something is up. A fun story that brings Clayface to life. First we see Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon working AGAINST each other, only to backtrack 6 days to uncover the truth behind the death of Brian Wade. A suspicious death, that the Batman finds odd. The facts just don’t add up.

Later we learn the truth behind his death and that Clayface has come back, only with less of his DNA. He has mutated and his DNA is disappearing fast. With each transformation, Basil Karlo loses more of himself and now he has fully become the bodies he absorbs.

What will happen when Clayface gets Bruce Wayne’s DNA? What is his plan to end Batman? We will find out next, in The Wrath of Clayface.

A good issue, but a little less interesting than what we have seen Snyder write before. Nonetheless it has me jumping for the next issue. Artwork is gorgeous as usual, definitely see this as a short story arc.