Batman #34 “The Meek”

In this one-shot after the end of “Zero Year” we see Batman hunting down a serial killer who has been secretly killing in Gotham for years. This issue reminds me of what an episode of any criminal show would be: creepy eerie murders leading to the detective hunting down and capturing the killer. Little did we know it wasn’t a string of murders, it was years worth of “unknown” killings of people that didn’t mean anything to the killer.

Cool story, loved how dark it was, reminds me of Hannibal (I’ve been on a Hannibal binge for weeks now). Loved the twist involving Joker’s cell, now he will never be forgotten. Artwork is cool, story is cool, overall a cool quick read. It nicely ties into the whole “new Gotham” where there is the possibility for a maniac doing terrible things for no reason other than personal needs for attention. I liked the addition of no typical super villain costuming or flashy colors, just a regular psychopath Joe-Schmo with a red pick-up truck.

Get the issue Batman #34 here.

(Source: DC Comics)