L.A. County Fair and Batman Day!

The Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, CA has come and gone, but I enjoyed my first time on National Batman Day. Everything you would expect from a fair — an abundance of food, games, rides, and music — all whilst trying to navigate through crowds of families with children, inebriated bodies, and teenagers. That sounds bad, but it was a great time, although I got my ankle rolled over by numerous strollers.

What’s a fair without the food? We ate a turkey leg, a churro gelato sandwich from Legendairy Gelato, and some bomb spicy cheese popcorn. All which were yummy fair snacks. We took a ride on the chair lift — which kicked in my slight fear of heights — while wearing flip flops, which is never a good idea. Try clenching on to the flip flop in fear it will fall for the whole ride!

After calling it a night we remembered there were farm animals so we quickly headed over there to check out the sleeping cuties. We saw the pigs, goats, and sheep, but there were probably more that we missed. The piglets were so cute and the momma pig was HUGE!

But the highlight: the amazing Batman blow up Tanner got me! What a fun way to end the fair, especially on National Batman Day. Definitely worth going to if you enjoy fairs.