Saturday Morning Scroll: 1960’s Television Batman

So I’m starting a new thing — like a blog regular thing — I guess those are popular. Since Saturdays I can sleep in, I usually spend my mornings lounging and scrolling infinitely online catching up on the things I’ve missed during the week. I’ve decided to start a “Saturday Morning Scroll.” My idea being: a blog post which has enough content you have to scroll through. Could be an interview, a gallery of photos, or individual pages of a flip-book. Heh.

For this week’s Saturday Morning Scroll I’ve searched the web for some vintage set photos of the 1960’s Batman TV show. I think it’s stupid and pointless to say ‘rare’ photos now’a’days since everything can be Googled. Basically I made it easier to find, you’re welcome.

These photos feature the cast of the mid-60’s television show with the likes of Adam West, Burt Ward, Cesar Romero, and Yvonne Craig — who recently passed away August 17th. R.I.P. Did you know before Batman she was the youngest dancer on the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo? But her twinkle-toe-ways and grace won her way to kicking butt as Batgirl! Now scroll through them! They are all awesome.

Also, check out that ’66 Batmobile ROD & CUSTOM article on the then-brand-new car that ended up being one of the most memorable tv/film cars!

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