Too Cool Tuesday: Halloween Edition

Halloween is my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE holiday of the year. When you’re a kid, what’s better than getting free candy dressed up as your favorite character? Now we throw social gatherings and I’ve found some AWESOME stuff to decorate your haunted mansion and serve your ghoulish treats!


1. DC Candy Bowl and Holder

It seems a little weird to have Batman handing out candy. It should be Alfred, dontchathink? However, then you’d just have some old guy in a suit on your porch handing out candy.


2. Star Wars Garland

String the Empire Along. Those Star Wars snowflakes were all over Pinterest last holiday. And although we kept meaning to sit down and craft some, we just never seemed to find the time. And we don’t have a diecut machine handy, so cutting out decorations tends to involve scissors and some crying or digging up our X-acto knife. Which can get complicated.


3. Star Wars Candy Bowls

The phrase is supposed to go, “Come to the Dark Side; we have cookies,” but the Dark Side’s recruiting office would still get us if they said “candy” instead. Well, it’d depend on the candy. Not those sticky sesame seed bar things elderly people give out at Halloween. Or butterscotch discs. Or boxes of raisins. That’s not even candy. Stupid Dark Side.


4. DC The Joker Ground Breaker

Just like this yard decoration. There is (presumably) no Joker in your garden currently. But if you get this there could suddenly be a LOT of Joker. From shoulders up, this DC The Joker Ground Breaker “rises” out of your flower garden to terrify your trick or treaters. It’d be awesome to put him out with a motion sensitive spotlight, so he suddenly appears when they walk by. Imagine the faces they’ll make!


5. Kitty Bonez

Here’s a fact we’re loathe to admit, especially on the Internet: pets generally do not like it when we put costumes on them. Nope. If you want to get your pet into the Halloween action, here’s the perfect way: Kitty Bonez. Where’s Tiger tonight? Oh, he’s right here.

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