WONDERCON: Friday Gallery

My first WonderCon was amazing! Check out the pictures in the gallery above. Returning back tomorrow to get some more pictures and check the panels.

I checked out the DC All Access Panel on Friday. Pretty cool stuff! Looking forward to checking out the new Bloodlines.  I love things creepy and dark! Anne Wu was walking about the process of Black Canary and the musical theatre references they put in the series. Did you catch them? Did you know Black Canary has a Bandcamp? Check that out here. It should be goth electro-rock and she has a Bauhaus cover! Also, the Sheriff of Babylon has to be approved by the CIA!

Did you check out the lego sculptures at the DC booth? The Bat-Signal is made up of about half a million blocks and took Nathan Sawaya and team about 5 weeks to do! It’s incredible, check it out! And look up in the sky for Superman.

If you have a photo here let me know! Leave a comment and I can provide you with more pictures if I have them! See you all Sunday!