DC Comics

Batman Post-its

For an advertising class last semester our group came up with this concept campaign to make Batman character post-its, inspired off of a tutorial we had seen. I may be biased, but ours came out way better….


Wonder Woman #1

With such high expectations for the new release, chiefly because I’m an avid fan of Brian Azzarello and well, it is Wonder Woman, I was predetermined this issue wouldn’t live up to my expectations. But…


Nightwing #1

I was looking forward to the return of Nightwing even after getting used to a long year of Batman, therefore since DC Comic’s New 52 Relaunch started a renumbered Nightwing title I was eager to pick…


Birds of Prey #1

September 21st calls for another 12 new releases as a part of DC Comic’s The New 52 Relaunch. First up, Birds of Prey. Yay! for a comic book dedicated to a massive group of vigilante…


Animal Man #1

Just to start off, let me clarify that I have no previous knowledge of Animal Man, and I haven’t read any issues from the line before, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me…


Detective Comics #1

Starting off with yet another one of DC Comics’ newly numbered releases, Detective Comics #1 is a great classic cat-and-mouse Batman vs. Joker story. This debut issue brought to us by Tony S. Daniel and…